At Solviva Health, our views are in line with the literal meaning of Solviva in native Swedish – “Hoppas! Det skall till slut bli som vi onskar”, which stands for “Hope! It will finally become as we wish”

Keeping with our motto, we present to you a case of Contact Dermatitis (Eczema), treated by following the homeopathic virtues.

This patient presented to us with severe eczematous eruptions on the areas like the ears, hands, wrists, face and the neck, lesions aggravating every now and then to an extent that there was severe discharge and mucus secretion with itching and crust formation. The problems used to aggravate every time she used to attend a wedding or function where she used to wear make-up and also by intake of certain foods especially non-vegetarian. The patient had lots fo anxiety regarding her problems and felt miserable due to her sufferings.


For any homeopath, the first biggest challenge is a proper diagnosis of the disease condition, especially skin diseases where a lot of conditions mimic each other. Here, the first and foremost task of the physician is to observe, then to listen and then to rule out the probable diagnosis to finally arrive at the final diagnosis. The lesions were typically indicating an eczematous condition but the type was allergic where its sub-type was contact dermatitis. It is an allergic manifestation of the skin on exposure to certain outside physical agents, be it food, metal, cloth, etc.


Convincing a patient about the prognosis of the illness and the stipulated time in which positive results are expected is the next step which helps generate faith in the physician and needs to be clearly communicated, so as to help the patient in his treatment. Any allergic manifestation disease has its periods of aggravations wherein more than anything, patience is required both on the part of the doctor and the patient. These frequent exacerbations come as and when there is any interaction with the agents and are unavoidable. But what is avoidable is to not let the patients’ faith in the doctor and more so in the system to fade off.

In this case, the patient was clarified about these exacerbating factors and was advised to co-operate so that the journey towards cure is attained safely.

Next , the patient was evaluated as per the case taking protocols of homeopathy.

The physical symptoms of the patient indicated that she had been having lots of allergic foods and had been using lots of allergic things and that she was susceptible to a lot of outside allergens to which she got sensitized over the last 4-5years of her disease and the list was still increasing.

When probed deeply, the chronological sequence of the development of the disease showed many such causative factors which triggered the reactions and gradually exaggerated her condition.

The patient had been married for last 3years and had no kids. She started with her problems around 3years before marriage when she was cheated by her partner and her long-term affair since teenage got broken up due to the immoral character of her partner.

As per the character sketch analyzed in accordance with her symptoms, a medicine was prescribed after which she started showing some signs of improvement. The lesions started reducing and the area of involvement started decreasing. No doubt, she was getting acute exacerbations in between which were reduced in the intensity, but had to be managed with medicines and management.

Over a period of time, the lesions started getting more prominent on the outer areas of skin such as ears and the hands. The eczema reduced on the trunk and face area of the body and the intensity of lesions now present were less vicious and alarming than before.

But, still there was something hiding from the eyes of the physician, which was not helping her come out completely of the diseased condition. The first prescription worked wonders and the following potencies helped her to be better by about 60-70% in her problems. What was now required, was the missing link to complete the puzzle and this was lying in her inherent attitude towards her daily life and the stresses she was handling.

On a second review, when probed about her stresses, she explained that the thought of the individual she left many years back , still lingers within and haunts her even when she is with her husband. Till date, she has been comparing how this partner is different from her earlier partner and his memories are still afresh in her mind. Her mental state has never been the same, since she has left him and she is constantly clinging to her past. The basic nature of this patient was of a dependent personality, an anxious human being who always requires assurance and support from the people around her.

What was hidden, was now the major decision maker for her treatment. All this while, she was reacting to a remedy which was being indicated as per her actions and reactions to the situations she was presently in. but now, we had got a reaction to something which was long back in the past, but was still afresh as present. A slight variation in the salt type, and BINGO,

We were guided to a plane of cure, with all these recurring lesions gone and more so , her haunting past to wean off her, bringing her at mental peace and hence helping her get cured.

The case clearly helps us understand, that what lies within and what is still exciting the disease is the line for prescribing the remedy. Patients’ reactions to the present day life are less significant than the reactions which have left a long lasting impression on the patient.

The remedy which helped her overcome the hurdles to cure was NATRUM CARBONICUM .

Hope, the case gives us a clear picture of the actual process of treating a man in disease by not knowing but understanding the inner self of the individual and the long-term effects of the past events.


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