The pandemic of 2019 has been a boon in many ways for the humanity. It has brought back the retro-times of the 1990s when family time was not a dream but an everyday affair. Epic serials like Ramayana, The jungle book, Mahabharata, Chanakya, Vyomkesh bakshi etc. rooted people to their idiot boxes and created a lockdown like situation with deserted streets and family and neighborhood get together.

The time has brought back the family games and interactions long forgotten due to the technological advancements brought by high-tech mobile phones and laptops. With ample of free time to spare, hobbies like exercising, yoga, cooking, painting , music has become favorite pastime for the modern day generations.

But it is said if there is positive energy, so there is negative energy. Every boon brings a bane with it. So has this lockdown brought with it some negative social traits among the humanity and has created a state of the mind where insecurity, fear, anxiety and anger have crept into the human mind with an intensity far more than the times when in the daily chores, the human mind was always engrossed in earning daily bread and butter.

 In these difficult times, when earnings have gone to an all time low due to the lockdown with many companies cutting on salaries, business losses, job loss, and closure of the service industry, and no respite from the regular expenses incurred every monthly cycle, the stress has piled up and have even increased cases of domestic violence and disputes adding to the social stress.

“lockdown stress” has created a neurotic state in the individuals expressed in the form of panic and anxiety episodes related to the economic and social insecurities which have crept in as a result of the measures taken to control the pandemic from spreading.

Time and again it has been argued that the state of mind creates a state of imbalance and hence results in symptoms unexplainable under any medical diagnosis and hence are labeled under a common category of” mental diseases”.

Homeopaths across the world have come to rescue such cases as this beautiful system of medicine has an answer to the depressing and anxiety effects of the financial and social insecurities .

 Medicines based on causes related to individual insecurity of the patient helps one overcome the effects of the current pandemic, like it has been helping patients suffering from the pandemic.

The homeopathic repertories are filled with rubrics pertaining to the everyday issues and state of mind one comes across and which results in panic attacks, sadness bouts, unnecessary weeping, anger bouts and various other unexplained reactions from the person affected.

Some of these rubrics are:

ailments disappointment

ailments, position , job loss of

ailments loss, financial

ailments discords, parents, relatives of

ailments death, parent, relative of—etc.

fear impending disease

fear losing reason of

anxiety work

anxiety health about

anxiety health, others about—etc.

These rubrics have lots of remedies which have been time and again proven to control and cure the state of the mind and hence has helped in retaining mental and physical well being.

Although, it should not be forgotten that the maintaining cause would still lead to effects but once the cause based treatment is given, the reactions are much in control and damage is less. Overtime, the condition improves and makes one capable of handling such situations with grace, and without getting affected.

The situation today is an acute stress condition and can be handles with care, compassion and nobility. It’s a WITT condition…. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

Every individual’s response to the situation is different and so are the reactions and hence medicines based on cause, reactivity and sensitivity are the need of the hour. The psychological effects of the pandemic are many …. some positive , others negative. Help is required to sort out the priorities and understand the positives and accordingly mend the lifestyle so as to get least affected negatively and hence prevent any untoward conditions to crop up.

The system of homeopathy has a lot to offer in this regard and can largely help the humanity in overcoming the aftermaths of the stress related pandemic which has struck concurrently.

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