Treatment Plan For Indian Customers
Plan Time Period Amount Inclusions Exclusions
HOMEO 3 3 Months INR 5500 Consultation & homeopathic medicines for 3months Couriers & Products at extra cost
HOMEO 6 6 Months INR 8900 Consultation & homeopathic medicines for 6months, sos
Couriers & Products at extra cost
HOMEO 9 9 Months INR 10800 Consultation & homeopathic medicines for 9months, sos
Couriers & Products at extra cost
HOMEO 12 1 Year INR 12000 Consultation & homeopathic medicines for 12months, sos
Couriers & Products at extra cost
Treatment Plan For International Customers
S.No Plan Package Details Months Price
1 Silver3 Homeopathic Consultations & Medicines 3 Months $ 99
2 Silver6 Homeopathic Consultations & Medicines 6 Months $ 159
3 Silver12 Homeopathic Consultations & Medicines 12 Months $ 279

Note: Plans packages are inclusive of consultations, medicine, taxes, courier charges and SOS medicines.

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