"I have taken a lot of medicine from different doctors, but all was worthless, but I came here and feel lot of improvement and i think its almost cured. thank you so much solviva health and especially Dr Pankaj ."

i feel i am cured

"My daughter – Shreya – was suffering from Alopecia Areata since last 3years,Being a doctor myself, I could not help her much as allopathic Rx involved injections of corticosteroids. Switching over to homeopathy, my daughter started showing improvement in 3-4 months and completely recovered in 1 Year. She’s still on maintenance Rx and has not developed any patch since last 1½ years. Thanks Solviva."

Dr Deepa Keswani

"As a grandfather I was very worried about my grandson Vaibhav Tahiliyani’s problem of ADHD.But today after treatment my grandson is absolutely fine & has started doing well in studies. I appreciate the Rx & services given by Solviva Health. The homeopathic treatment and psychological sessions given by experts under one roof has largely helped us in dealing with his problem."

Mr. Tahiliyani

"Doctors at Solviva are keen in understating our problems. The follow ups are good as we can do a self assessment.The care given in true value to money. "

Ms. Poonam Dutta

"After Rx with Solviva in the last 6 months, my regularity of menses, frequent headaches, weight gain, acne, and all other symptoms have reduced considerably. I find the Rx & services very cost effective & comfortable. "

Ms. kritika

"My pimples were a constant problem, till I registered myself with Solviva, where the medicines and the dietary advice, not only helped me in my skin problem but also helped me loose weight.I lost 5kgs in 4 months. "

Ms. Manpreet kaur

"I have been on treatment with Solviva since last 4 months, and my dandruff, and hairfall problem has reduced. They deliver what they promise. Great to be with Solviva. "

Mr. Sahil Arora

"My father’s firm belief in homeopathy motivated me to get myself treated from Solviva for my psoriasis problem. Today I am free from the distress and am leading a normal life."

Mr. Mare P. Johnson

"My child’s asthama problem used to keep me sleepless for nights together.Today, I am happy my child is free from inhalers and can play freely without getting breathless. "


"After losing my father, I was under severe depression & had to result to allopathic drugs.I gained 10 kgs in 4 months & started getting complications.Then I went through the website of Solviva. What I liked was their holistic approach where you can meet the psychologist & that too with complete privacy.Today I am completely free from my illness. Thanks to Solviva."

Mr. Ramakumar

"Mr.N.K Goyal, my father had severe gastric disturbances and had to take a lot of antacids. Now, after 6 months treatment from the doctors at Solviva, he is much better & happy. "

Mr. Mukesh Goyal

"The services are very good and treatment is very effective. We get all management, diet & counseling under one portal."

Miss Sanya Gautam

"Experts at Solviva, are highly knowledgeable and take keen interest in the patient to help him in his problem."

Mr. Akhil Bhardwaj

"My diabetes is well in control after, I started following the diet guided to me at Solviva’s diet portal."

Mr. Manav Ghai

"The treatment & counseling has largely helped me in gaining confidence and overcome my anxious nature."

Mrs Kiran Reddy

"The homeopathic treatment and diet both have been of great help in reducing my weight & the problems I had because of it."

Mr. Arun Puri

"My child’s tonsillitis is completely cured and she is free from all problems her growth which was standstill has also started well now."

Mrs. Saroj Ahuja

"I have been largely benefited by the psychological counseling given to me by the expert at Solviva. I am able to lead a normal life now and my allopathic drugs are completely stopped."

Mr. Shekhar Sharma