Cancellation :

An order placed can be cancelled within one hour of the order placed or before the delivery of the medicine whichever is earlier.

To cancel an order placed please contact us via telephone on +91-8699-38-8880

Refund :

The amount payable for treatment is non refundable and non transferable on medical ground. No refund shall be entertained for diet and psychological sessions once the patient has enrolled for a plan under these two segments.

Only in case , where due to any technical problem, Solviva health fails to deliver medicines , shall a refund be processed.

The refunded amount shall be sent through a/c payee cheque in the name of the patient if he is major and /or in the name of the guardian/ parent if he/she is a minor within 30 Working Days.

All claims and refunds are subject to the jurisdiction of Solviva health .