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“Hoppas! Det skall till slut bli som vi onskar”- the literal meaning of Solviva in native Swedish stands for “Hope! It will finally become as we wish”. At Solviva Health, we truly believe to make all your health wishes true with our safe, effective treatment approach and International monitoring protocol standards.

Solviva, a Swedish flower symbolizes hope, is our source of inspiration and we are committed towards transforming health, just the way you have always desired. The treatment options available at the click of a button promises to bring hope , health and wellness back to your lives. Modern day facilities like e- mails, video conferencing, web chat, skype, telephone etc are so user friendly and have really helped to overcome the distance barrier to avail the best and desired selection of the treatment.

Solvivahealth offers a wide choice to avail in the form of online treatment, consultation, diets and psychological counseling. We fulfill our commitments through our panel of experts comprising of leading homeopaths, pediatricians, dermatologists, gynecologists, dieticians and psychologists of the region.

Presently Solvivahealth cater the following segments in healthcare.

Solviva Homeo – For homeopathic consultancy
Solviva Diet – For diet solutions
Solviva Psychology – For psychological counseling

It is the first of it’s kind portal which provides an opportunity to give follow up any time on the set appointed date, monitor, see the progress in your own case and take expert guidance from the doctors without any extra cost.