Homeopathy plays a vital role in enhancing the immunity and giving protection from a wide range  of

infections no matter what is the causative agent.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, meditation and a stress free life keeps the immunity balanced and strong .

Homeopathy strengthens the immune system by balancing the state of imbalance and hence raising the vitality of the individual.

Based on the principle of “like cures like” homeopathy helps in curing illnesses based on symptom similarity and totality. In cases of autoimmune nature, the imbalance caused is due to the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary axis)irregularities and is cause based. The causes may be a silent grief, anxiety, shock, suppressed anger, feeling of humiliation, failure, loss etc.

Medicines in homeopathy are cause based and are indicated in such cases as per symptoms which are peculiar, rare, and uncommon.

In general, people on regular homeopathic treatment for chronic illnesses are found to have less acute illnesses and are less prone to infections.

As per a study conducted by CCRH , Ayush ministry, it has been found that homeopathic medicines have immunomodulatory effects and these medicines stimulate the immune response by affecting the mast cells and basophils.

The overall response of the body to the outward pathogen is largely mediated as per the lymphocytes and mast cells in the blood and hence they show an increase in the CBC test indicating the type of infection.

Homeopathic medicines help to boost the system in response to the infection. They not only keep symptoms in control but also give a helping hand to raise the immunity to the normal level as it was in healthy state.

Even in the worst of epidemics , some people do not get affected due to their individual immune response and do not show any signs and symptoms., which somewhere conceptualizes the concept of individualization … the principle on which the system of homeopathy is based.

Even in the present scenario today where the world is facing an epidemic, the individuals getting most affected are diabetics,old age , heart patients and allergic patients who already have a low immune response.

Posts with steps to boost immunity are on the rounds as this is the best way to keep oneself at bay from getting affected. Recently the concept of plasma therapy to cure the patients of covid-19 was in discussion across the forums. We tend to forget that the concept of immunization is also based on the same concept as plasma therapy. But we do not recognize that both these processes involve the principles of ”  like cures like” , which has been the basis of Homeopathy , invented long before immunization and plasma therapy.


No matter homeopathy does have an answer to deal with such epidemics and  there have been times when homeopathy has largely helped in controlling these. In the past, during epidemics, when there were no antibiotics available as they were not yet invented, homeopathy was looked forward to be a system to control  and cure and there are valid data to prove the point . Antibiotics were invented as late as 1928, whereas Homeopathy has been in existence since the year 1796 and has been extensively in use during epidemics in the early 1800s.

In today’s testing times when life is endangered from all sorts of new, artificial, highly-mutating organisms, homeopathy is a wonderful option for building up the immune response and hence create cognizance with the ever changing and ever infective conditions in the external environment.








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