The second largest system of medicine in the world is a little different and unique in its mode of operation and needs an in depth understanding. It has been usually linked to a lot of misunderstandings and myths by stalwarts all across the globe leading to a state of doubt in the mind of an individual before accepting it. Even if a patient accepts a sense of disbelief prevails and the treating homeopath is at the receiving end for the ignorance of the suffering individual.

Being into practise since more than a decade , I have had my own successes and “FAILURES.”
I quote because these are my failures and not the failure of Homeopathy which in the highest of its regards stands undoubtedly a success. No matter these failures have made me realise the mistakes and has been a learning in this journey of a lifetime.

As a homeopath , there is still a lot to learn about this wonderful system of medicine and as a part of the community and as an ode to my patients , who have helped me explore its potential, lets make a small effort to understand the qualities which make homeopathy and homeopathic medicine as the right choice for treatment of chronic and long lasting illnesses without any suppression and side-effects.


Homeopathy is a result oriented system of medicine which aims at a complete removal of symptoms of a disease and hence create a symptom-free state of the body. This not only puts the patient out of trouble but also helps secure the body energy and builds a strong immune response.Homeopathy is an answer to a number of chronic diseases related to skin, lungs, stomach, intestines, joints, bones etc. wherein the modern system offers a palliation only.


Something which stagnates, putrefies. A homeopathic medicine works through the faculty of our mucous membranes rich in nerve supply. In olden times, medicines were administered through nose, skin and mucous linings also as these areas act as good adsorbents and show quick reactivity to the medicinal agent. There is an absorption phenomenon for the action of the drug and hence no mixing or dilution of the body fluids occurs. As the agent does not disturb the body fluid composition it does not have effect on any part other than the one its expected to bring about a balanced state in.Hence, the homeopathic medicine doesn’t create a state of discomfort for any healthy part of the human body.


A drug is addictive and not a medicine. A crude drug with its chemical contents– some favourable , some not can lead to a dependent state owing to its inherent property to dominate the system and hence show withdraw effects when absent. Homeopathic medicines are prepared with the minuscule amount of crude substance diluted with a vehicle like water or alcohol to the and are administered in the minutest of doses. There are no withdrawal symptoms when the medicine is stopped as the homeopathic medicine does not affect the body fluid composition.What works in homeopathic medicine is the dynamic inherent power of its constituents i.e. the energy and power of the particles of the substance as per the laws of physics.


Homeopathy works on the energy plane of the body. It is believed that a disease condition arises out of an imbalance of the dynamism of the body and gives rise to manifestations as per the susceptibility or sensitivity of an individual. Hence, not every person wetting in. rain catches cold, not every person drinking contaminated water develops typhoid, not every person eating out junk develops diarrhoea. Same is applicable to the action of the homeopathic medicines which act differently on different individuals. There is no specification on the disease-medicine plane. The treatment is based on symptoms and the reaction of the patient and not on the disease specificity. The power dynamics of the body when deranged is brought back in order by the minimum doses of the potencies prepared by dilution.


The modern times aim at holistic approach in every sphere of life. As parents we want our kids to excel in every field be it study, science, maths, languages, dance, sports etc. As professionals we want to excel in every field of our job profile and are expected to deliver far beyond expectations. Similarly a treatment approach based on a holistic platform leads to permanent resolution of the health issue and creates a state of balance in the deranged dynamics of the body. Medicines in homeopathy take into account symptoms pertaining to all parts of the deranged body and are not organ based. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of he complete totality of symptoms and hence a detail case-taking and patient listening is the key to a successful homeopathic prescription. The holistic mode also includes instructions as to the diet, lifestyle management and a workout regime which adds to the quality of life.

Overall, Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine with a scientific and logical approach and is not an intuition based medicine. There is no substitution in Homeopathy. We cannot replace A with B or C with D. The approach is symptom based and not disease based. Medicines are prescribed on the basis of symptom totality of an individual and not on categorisation and nomenclature of the diseases in picture. The treatment aims at treating the whole body and mind and not an individual organ. The action of the homeopathic medicines is on a plane of energy and immunity and not on a superficial plane of the body.


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