The pandemic of 2019 has been a boon in many ways for the
humanity. It has brought back the retro-times of the 1990s when family time was
not a dream but an everyday affair. Epic serials like Ramayana, The jungle
book, Mahabharata, Chanakya, Vyomkesh bakshi etc. rooted people to their idiot
boxes and created a lockdown like situation with deserted streets and family
and neighborhood get together.

The time has brought back the family games

“HE” Deserves a “THANK-YOU”

karmanye vadhika raste ma phaleshu kadachana

Doctors are an epitome of service , but are still given an ungrateful gesture as reflected by the recent incidents of violence against the healthcare professionals helping fight the epidemic which has taken over the world by a storm.

Alas! it’s sad to know. All the more its disturbing to see all this happen in a country where our holy books like The Bhagvad Gita, The