“HE” Deserves a “THANK-YOU”

karmanye vadhika raste ma phaleshu kadachana

Doctors are an epitome of service , but are still given an ungrateful gesture as reflected by the recent incidents of violence against the healthcare professionals helping fight the epidemic which has taken over the world by a storm.

Alas! it’s sad to know. All the more its disturbing to see all this happen in a country where our holy books like The Bhagvad Gita, The Ramayana, teach us selfless service, karma without desire of rewards, recognition, respect for the people who are founders and drivers of the society namely teachers, gurus, doctors, and philanthropists.

In difficult times, the only hope to succeed is discipline and only discipline. It has been rightly said, ” successful people do things differently”.

When the almighty created life, HE gave human beings an ability to differentiate between right and wrong. HE gave him will, wit and worth. But our dastardly acts against the selfless servers is an example of our intolerance and indiscipline which though prevalent in a small proportion of population , can become a reason for our failure in dealing with the situation.

God’s most beautiful creation needs to be brought up and nurtured with care, compassion and respect. Treat a child with these ingredients and he grows up to be a beautiful human being. Teach a student with these and he succeeds in every competition in life.

The same principles apply to patients when it comes to them. A man in suffering requires care, compassion and respect and a healthy relationship with the practitioner of medicine so as to get better and recover from his condition.


This is where we forget and consider the care giver as not a server but a slave. We as humans leave our values and ethics behind and hit, spit, and abuse the creation of God and above all a human being whom we considered next to God when He was the only hope for our survival.

Even now, when I am writing this blog, I am hearing news channels reporting incidents all across the country against the Doctors and healthcare professionals who are out and away from their homes and families , serving the mankind with compassion and relentless will power.

It’s time we get back to our scriptures and our holy books to unlearn the acquired behavior and learn how God wants us to behave, being his most intelligent invention. It’s time we realize that the ones out there when we are sitting comfortably in our homes, are not our Servants but Saviors and deserve if not much , just a little THANK-YOU, the way we thank the almighty GOD  for all small things we demand and HE fulfills.

At the end of the day, when these difficult times are gone, when the human civilization recovers from the aftermaths of the prevalent pandemic, somewhere in our inner instincts as a group we should not have the guilt that we did not come up to the standards set by our Creator in treating our Savior who will always be ready time and again to serve the humanity as it’s His utmost duty and He has been the chosen one by Him to help us survive in the world.





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