We often see people around us sneezing and a general reaction is weird but true…….

What we don’t know is that every sneeze is not obnoxious, every cold is not communicable.

The sneeze can be a sensitive reaction to an agent of allergy….dust, pollen , mites, fur, fumes etc. This hypersensitivity leads to a reaction which excites the histamines and leads to inflammatory changes in the nose , eyes, throat, ears, leading to symptoms pertaining to allergic rhinitis….. commonly referred to as allergy.

The modern day medicine has an answer in the anti-histaminic drugs and anti-allergic tablets to ensure a local suppression of the symptoms and hence rendering a sneeze free life.

Contrary to the belief that allergies are incurable, homeopathy offers a permanent solution to the condition.

As per the homeopathic philosophy , the sensitivity of an individual is a net resultant of the miasm Psora…. the manager of sensitivity.  The psoric miasm expresses itself in the most versatile form in every individual and is responsible for the itch reaction in the body. The sensitivity runs throughout the body if the miasm is dominant and hence gives rise to a hypersensitive state of the body referred to Allergy.

The excess Ige antibody renders the body more susceptible to attack by allergens and releases histamines which generate signs of inflammation in the affected part…like the nose, eyes, throat, uvula etc. The symptoms hence resulting are sneezing, running nose, watering of eyes, irritation in the throat, eyes, nose, feverish feeling, body pain, headache etc. Nasal obstruction also occurs at times with tendency to loss of smell.

The homeopathic system of medicine considers that striking a balance in the state of the body which is showing signs of imbalance in the form of disease symptoms helps cure the disease. The system considers immunity to be the vital force driving the body and hence tries to restore it to normal hence making the patient symptom free.

Allergic rhinitis is a manifestation of psora in the upper respiratory tract of the body and its symptoms reflect the state of imbalance due to hypersensitivity to allergens. The homeopathic medicines help balancing the hyper state to normal and hence removing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. The medicines are cause based, symptom based, modality based, and individuality based and vary as per the case. Some of the common remedies which are usually indicated are Allium cepa, Natrum Muriaticum, Sabadilla, Sambucus nigra, Dulcamara, Euphrasia etc.

A treatment based on totality and individuality helps show improvement in symptoms in a span of 3-6months and renders the patient completely cured in 18-24 months time, though it can be variable from patient to patient.

Allergies constitute a major part of the diseased world today as with modernization there has been an increase in the use of various chemical agents which prove to be allergic for some and hence the conditions in the parlance of allergies show high rates of occurrence .

Homeopathy offers an answer to these new agents of allergies as it is based on the principle of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS ,  and has scope for the invention of new medicines by the process of dilution and potentiating the crude substances.

The expertise of this system in curing diseases is making it the most preferred system of medicine today especially due to its non side-effect causing trait and the simple method of consuming medicine.

The balanced state achieved with homeopathy is long lasting and brings health to an individual in the most gentle , rapid and permanent way as per the aphorisms of the philosophy of homeopathy.

Allergy hence does not require a quarantine method of cure but a medicinal method of cure in the requisite time of treatment and renders a patient symptom free for life.

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