Endometriosis is a painful gynecological disorder which is characterized by growth of the lining of the uterus outside instead of inside. Around 6 – 10 percent of all women are affected by this disorder. It can involve the ovaries, tissues around the pelvis or the bowel. In rare cases, it may spread beyond the pelvic region.

In endometriosis, the displaced tissue would thicken, break down and bleed with each menstruation cycle. However, since the tissue has no exit, it tends to get trapped. In case the ovaries are involved, cysts name endometriomas can get formed. The condition causes severe pain and there can be fertility problems.

While the exact cause behind endometriosis is not yet determined, there is speculation on possible causes that may include retrograde menstruation, embryonic cell growth, surgical scar implantation, and a disorder of the immune system.