Hair Self Help

“Get healthy and lustrous hair with our expert Tricologist’s hair self-helps.”

  • Change your washing routine. Do you wash your hair every single day? This can really dry it out, since you’re washing away the oils your scalp produces to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Washing every day can also lead to oily hair, since stripping your hair of its oils causes your oil glands to go into overdrive. Instead  wash your  hair alternate day in a week so that the natural oils are maintained in your hair. Use cold water or tap water to wash hair, Hot Water again deplete the natural oils leads to dry and damaged hair.
  • After  every wash gently pat dry your hair instead of vigorous wringing it out.Use   a wide tooth to detangle  hair, and try to use as less as possible mechanical heating devices like dryers and hot irons.
  • Avoid steam to your hair if they are already dry.
  • Apply a natural Hair mask (1part Alovera pulp with 10 drops of almond oil and 2 capsules of vitamin E) for dry scalp every time before wash, for normal to oily scalp every week or even after 10 days.
  • Make healthy Life style changes  like adding more of proteins especially soy protein, Vitamin B, iron , Omega 3 fatty acids in your dietary regime.
  • For natural iron supplements one can look for rasins, poha, makhane,dates,anjeer, roasted channa . It is well known, that eating 5rasins every day  with the breakfast along with a portion  poha  atleast 3 times in a week help elevating 1 gm/dl of Hb in 1 month. If your serum ferritin levels are extremely low please ask your health care advisor to suggest  you some iron supplement.
  • For omega 3 fatty acids one can look for adding walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds in your dietary regime.
  • It is advisable to add 1tsp of flaxseed oil on top of the portion of the vegetable you are eating in your lunch if you find a difficulty in chewing raw seeds with water.
  • Salt water or chlorine damages the hair and make them brittle .So never swim without a cap.
  • Protect your hair from repeated sun exposure as it  will leave your hair damaged and dry. Cover up whenever possible, throwing on a wide-brimmed hat or wrapping a scarf around your mane. Opt for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that protect against the two types of ultraviolet rays capable of causing sunburn, UVA and UVB, along with an SPF-fortified hair spray.
  • Don’t tie your hair your hair too tight, as in prolong run it might lead to traction alopecia.
  • Keep an eye on ingredients of  shampoo and conditioner labels before heading to the checkout line. If a product contains more than two detergents—like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or ammonium lauryl sulfate—it could strip your hair.

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