Sacroiliitis refers to the infection of the sacroiliac joint, the joint which connects the sacrum with the ilium of the pelvis. The likely causes of sacroiliitis include osteoarthritis, wear and tear of joints, trauma, pregnancy and infection in rare cases. In fact, sacroiliitis is a major symptom of several forms of inflammatory arthritis.

Sacroiliitis is characterized by severe pain in the buttocks that can aggravate during early morning or late at night. Running, standing for long intervals, shifting weight on one leg, and taking long strides are other likely causes of aggravation of the pain. The sufferers of this condition may face difficulty in breathing, heart problems and lung infections.

It is essential that help of an experienced doctor is sought in case long term pain in the buttocks and the lower back is experienced. A CT Scan, MRI Scan or an X-Ray Scan can be helpful in detecting the condition. Long term relief can be obtained with pain-relief medications, muscle relaxants and TNF inhibitors. Surgery may be required in extreme cases.