Kidney stones

Kidney stones are small, stone like formations that can develop in either or both the kidneys. These formations are made up of acid salts and minerals and tend to deposit in the kidneys over time when the urine is concentrated. Quite often, these stones are painful, but rarely cause any permanent damage to the urinary tract.

Small stones can be passed by the body in the urine painlessly even without getting noticed. However, larger stones can block the urinary system, thereby causing immense pain in the groin or the abdomen and even may result in infection in the urinary system.

No particular cause has been associated with the kidney stones. However, there are certain risk factors that can enhance the chances of their development in the body. These can occur at any age, though adults who age 40 years old or higher are particularly at higher risk. Being obese, consuming certain diets high in sodium and dehydration are other risk factors.