Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland ceases to produce enough thyroid hormone as required by the body. Thyroid hormone regulates the metabolism of the body, thereby affecting almost every other organ in the human body. In case the body is not producing sufficient amount of thyroid, the bodily functions tend to slow down and there is serious impact on the overall health.

Women are more likely to fall victim to hypothyroidism rather than men. Several health problems can set in the body owing to hypothyroidism, including pain in the joints, infertility, obesity and heart disease. It may be caused due to certain medications, inflammation of the thyroid, radiation treatment, or hypothyroidism which is present by birth.

Common symptoms of the disease include fatigue, heightened sensitivity to cold, dry skin, hoarseness, muscle weakness, aches, stiffness and tenderness, pain in the joints, irregular or heavier than normal menstrual periods, depression, thinning of hair and slowed heart rate.