Constipation refers to the condition when passing bowel movements becomes hard and difficult to pass. It is the most likely cause of painful defecation. Constipation may degenerate into bowel obstruction, which can pose a threat to life. Constipation can be a symptom of a bigger issue; hence its exact cause needs to be determined before beginning with its treatment.

Constipation can be any one of infrequent bowel movements, facing difficulty while passing stools and the lingering sensation of incomplete evacuation of bowels. The condition may develop in children on three different occasions: when they are fed with processed foods, toilet training and soon after joining school. Close to 12 percent of the global population is affected by constipation.

The probable causes of constipation are classified into genetics, primary and secondary categories. Lack of physical activity, insufficient intake of dietary fiber, certain medications and colorectal cancer are the major causes of Constipation in the elderly.