Hair fall

Hair fall is on the rise among the masses, especially the youth, tormented by the pressures of daily life.

We at Solviva Diet understand their plight and have come up with a unique hair fall diet that helps in replenishing the bodies of our customers with proteins and other essential nutrients to help them regain the lustrous locks that once graced their heads.

This diet not only puts brakes on

Glow Diet

Given the fast paced lives of these days, it is easy to lose your sheen.

We at Solviva Diet strive hard to help our customers regain their glow on face with a specially crafted glow diet. We take into account their daily routine and energy requirements and provide such a diet that helps in bringing back the glow that has been elusive for a long time.

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Want to adorn a completely new look ahead of your wedding, graduation or any other special even of your life?

Well, we at Solviva have just the right type of diet plan to help you out. Whether you want to shed few extra kilos or gain few of them, we have what you yearn for!

Our specially crafted Grooming diet plans are perfect for individuals looking forward to transform their


Human body tends to accumulate a lot of toxins in the form of air pollution and chemicals that enter the food chain. These lead to a plethora of health scares, thereby reducing the quality of life.

In case you are feeling low out of no apparent reason or complain about unexplained health issues, be informed that harmful toxins might be at play.

It is the time for detoxification of the


The ‘destress diet plan’ offered by Solviva Diet are perfect for individuals battling extreme amounts of stress. These days, it is so disheartening to see professionals, both young and old, buckling under the pressure of their work.

We at Solviva Diet offer diet plans coupled with requisite counseling that help individuals finding it hard to cope with stress.

In case you or your close friends or family members have fallen

Weight Gain

Are you concerned about gaining weight?

After all, being too slim is as serious problem as being too fat.We help our customers to gain weight in an inherently healthy way. It is important to note that there is significant difference between being muscular and being chubby. While the former is healthy and recommended, the latter is unhealthy and discouraged.

We not only help our customers to gain weight in a

Weight Loss

Increasing waistlines are becoming a headache for the masses these days. Easily accessible fast foods and lack of exercise are the primary reasons behind the malaise.

It is high time that you avail Solviva Diet’s weight loss diet plans and halt the expansion of the ever increasing waist of yours or that of someone you care. Solviva Diet have balance amounts of all nutrients needed by your body keeping into

Personal Diet Plans

Personal diet plans are customized to meet the individual requirements of weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, detoxification, and glycemic index. In case you want to achieve a specific purpose with your diet, you can purchase the diet plan that suits your requirements.

What qualifies as an effective diet plan? It should be balanced, should have consistency and should be enjoyable. Your activity level is considered while customizing a diet