Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension

Suffering from hypertension lately? Save yourself from critical heart problems by availing DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet plan.

This diet limits your sodium intake and is rich in other dietary minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, which help in reduction of blood pressure. You will be able to reduce your blood pressure by several points within days of starting with the diet.

Though the DASH diet does not

Orthopedic Diet

Orthopedic surgery might be required for a host of reasons including joint replacement, bone fractures, and repairing cartilage, tendons, and muscles. Orthopedic surgery happens to render an individual unable to move around, lose appetite and suffer nausea and vomiting. As a direct result of a sedentary lifestyle, one can gain weight easily.

Solviva Diet’s specially crafted orthopedic diet prevents just that. It includes right mix of essential nutrients and supplements

Sleep Disorder Diet

Spending sleepless nights counting stars? Well, you need not worry anymore as we at Solviva Diet are here to help you out. We look deep into the problem hounding you and provide you an effective solution which includes counseling and a sleep disorder diet that helps you to fall asleep fast. We provide necessary help to our customers to win their fight against sleep disorder and enjoy a peaceful sleep

Obesity Diet

Struggling to lose that inflated tummy of yours? Well, countless number of individuals might be spotted struggling with their excessive weight. In fact, uncontrolled weight increase is often associated with a host of health issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many more.

In case you want to shield yourself from all these health scares, embark on a weight loss diet plan. Our experienced nutritionists will be happy chalking

Fiber Rich Diet

Dietary fiber has a number of benefits including:

Assistance in weight loss.
Keeping cancer at bay.
Improving digestion.
Help in sugar absorption.
Keeping heart healthy.
Prevent kidney stones.
Keep the skin glowing and radiant.

Unhealthy eating practices have prevented masses from availing this long list of benefits. Fiber rich diet from Solviva Diet is your best bet for enjoying great health, always.

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Anaemic Diet

Anaemia, a common disorder of the blood, results in weakness, fatigue, malaise and a host of other problems. Intake of dietary iron is a primary means of defeating anemia. If you or someone quite close is suffering from malaria, it is high time that you contact Solviva Health.

We have special anaemic diet plans including right dose of minerals that help patients to recover quickly. There is a special focus

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet is a diet with optimum proteins, high amount of fats and low carbohydrates, which is useful for a variety of purposes. It helps in the treatment of epilepsy in children, controlling blood pressure, banish joint pains and build mass. Originally conceived for treatment of epilepsy, the diet has found several interesting uses.

There are lots of other benefits of this diet, about which you want to learn. If

Hepatic Diet

Liver, one of the largest organs in the human body, performs important functions like detoxification, production of essential biochemicals, and protein synthesis. Infection of the liver, known as Hepatitis can severely impede its functioning and renders the patients terribly ill.

It is important that Hepatitis patients consume our special Hepatic Diet to provide essential nutrients to their body while it recovers from this extremely debilitating condition.

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Pancreatic Diet

Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas is an extremely painful condition. It is caused due to activation of enzymes that help in digestion of food within the pancreas itself and start ‘digesting’ it. This leads to an extremely uncomfortable situation and a host of other health concerns.

Solviva Diet’s pancreatic diet includes the right mix of food items like yogurt, soups, whole grains, vegetables and fruits that help in coping

Lactose Diet

Lactose tolerance or Milk tolerance is the inability of an individual to digest lactose due to the lack of lactase, an enzyme essential for breaking up lactose, a primary sugar.

Individuals with this disorder ought to consume such a diet which is free from milk or milk products but is rich in essential nutrients from which the body gets deprived by not consuming milk.

Solviva Health’s lactose diet is just