At Solviva health we treat our patients to be one family. As whenever there is someone ill in the family, head of the family take utmost responsibility to take care of the members similarly, Solviva health’s dedicated team of expert professionals take utmost care and follow international protocols for treatment standards to set the prognosis and monitor the progress minutely in every case. Our expert panel of professionals dedicatedly work in a team on the clinical history of the patient to suggest what best possible can be done. We put on all necessary efforts in our first consultation to explain the treatment to the patients and once the patient understands the limitations in case if any, and become aware of the protocols to be monitored in his individual case it becomes very encouraging and gain the confidence of the patient when similar landmarks come across during the treatment course.

Solvivahealth is committed to provide its patients the best possible treatment support, professional and expertise opinion by the panel of the doctors available having vast experience varied from 10 years to 30 years in their respective domains. Solviva health’s team of doctors include Allopathic doctors who clinically evaluate the case for effective monitoring, Homeopathic doctors who provides the best individualized , safe, reliable and effective treatment approach ,Dieticians to provide the best management and conservative self help for a speedy recovery and Psychologists for the counseling sessions to help aid and achieve the best results in shortest possible duration .
We value your time, and in the busy world scenario Solvivahealth comes up with a solution to give the best medical aid and enable a person to conveniently start the treatment at the click of a button.

Solvivahealth has given a platform to all those who are suffering from psychological stresses and illnesses and have social constraints and embarrassments to go to the clinics and discuss their problems face to face. We believe in transparency and trust building and follow all possible methods to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the patient records.

At Solviva you can easily manage up your regular appointments any time on the set appointed date.
Modern day facilities like e- mails, video conferencing, web chat, skype, telephone etc are so user friendly and have really help to overcome the distance barrier to avail the best and desired selection of the treatment.

It is the first of it’s kind online consultation portal with three distinct segments of functionality Solviva Homeo, Solviva Diet, Solviva Pyscology . Solviva Health in total provides an opportunity to give your follow up any time on the set appointed date, monitor and see the progress in your own case, take expert guidance any time if there is some query in mind from best of the doctors without any extra cost.

Solviva pyscology is the section that helps you to avail marriage counselings, adjustment solutions, teenage issues settlement , jealousy amongst siblings and much more apart from the regular psychological illness .It gives a real time opportunity to all young married couples and parents to help settling their stresses with simultaneously maintaining the confidentiality in every case.