Homeopathy is the second most popular system of practice in the world. However, most people really do not know too much about Homeopathy. Homeopathy is based on the principle that you can treat ‘like with like’ that is, a substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses, can be used in small amounts to treat those same symptoms.

We at Solvivahealth has tried an attempt to help clear up some most common misconceptions associated with homeopathic system of practice.

Question:  Homeopathy too slow to act and is best suited for chronic illnesses.
Answer:  This is the most popular myth about homeopathy but it is not true in all the cases. In fact, if the choice of similimum( homeopathic medicine) is proper the patient would show immediate signs of improvement. In acute diseases the response time is within minutes while in chronic diseases it may extend to days .It all depends on the disease state and the duration of action of the remedy.

Your homeopathic physician at Solvivahealth will inform you about the signs of improvement that you can look and notice in yourselves during the treatment course .
Question:  Should I stop my allopathic medication whilst taking homeopathy?
Answer:  No. It is not true that allopathic medicines cannot be taken in conjunction to homeopathic medicines. It is strictly not recommended to withdraw your regular medicines which you have been habituated to take from a longer time. Homeopathy will not interfere with your other drugs. You will be able to taper your other drugs under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor, the moment you begin to improve with the homeopathic treatment.
Question:  Homeopaths ask many personal questions without any relevancy with the disease?
Answer:  Homeopathy believes in holistic approach and treats the patient as a whole. To understand a patient as a person in complete requires a lot of information apart from his complaints his likes, dislikes, his habits, his behavior, his response to situations etc. To know him better sometimes the physician can ask some personal questions - it can be about his bowel habits, his sexual life, sleeping pattern, his dreams, his past and present emotional setbacks etc. these are not to confuse or irritate the patient; they all are just to know him better. This information would help the physician in the choice of right medicine which would help provide faster recovery and relief to the patient.
Question:  If my spouse/friend/relative suffers from the same complaint as mine the same medicine will benefit all of us.
Answer:  It is very interesting to understand that homeopathic system is the only system of practice where two people suffering with a common illness have two different prescribing medicines reason being homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of Individualization. It means every individual is different from others in some or the other way; be it his stature, talking, choices, behavior, or his susceptibility to diseases. Even the fraternal twins are different from each other in one way or the other; so how can same medicine be given to two different people even if they have the same complaint. Homeopathic medicines are always prescribed with due consideration on a person as whole so naturally the medicine will change for different persons.
Question:  Homeopathy acts by "aggravating" the complaints.
Answer:  Homeopathic medicines do produce a slight aggravation as this slight aggravation is a sure sign that your medicine is perfectly chosen and will cure you. Homeopathic medicines are always prescribed such that the power of the medicine should be just higher than the power of disease. The medicine is perfect for your case only if it produces a slight aggravation of your present symptoms i.e. slight intensification of your complaints with minimum discomfort. But do take care to inform your physician about this aggravation if you find it discomforting.
Question:  Homeopathy is about psychological healing or is nothing but a placebo.
Answer:  We don’t deny the fact about the physiological healing part of the homeopathic practice, as during case history homeopathic physician pays due consideration to evaluate the emotions, anger, sorrows, grievances etc of the patient .These all are required to get root cause of the illness and on various points during the history taking and the treatment process the doctor do counsel the patients to make them feel well listened and consoled. Now days, a lot of research work is happening to prove that homeopathy is not having a PLACEBO EFFECT. The effect of homeopathic medicines has been observed repeatedly on neonates, infants, unconscious patients and animals where faith healing is not possible.
Question:  Homeopathic medicines do not have side effects.
Answer:  It's a well known fact that anything taken in excess is bound to be harmful. So why won't homeopathic medicines cause harmful effects if you take them in excess due to negligence or thinking them to be placebo. Moreover, homeopathic medicines act on the dynamic plane. So you may not be able to see the immediate after effects but it will become evident sooner or later. So it is best not to take the medicine unless needed or prescribed by a registered physician.
Question:  Homeopathy cures every illness especially those, not treatable in Allopathy.
Answer:  Homeopathy can cure a lot of illness, at least a wider range as compared to any other system of practice. It has its own scope and limitations. One should understand that every illness cannot be treated or cured. As any other system of the medicine it too has some limitations while prescribing. Consult your homeopathic physician to give you more insight on the same.
Question:  All you need a hand book of Homeopathic Medicines to start prescribing.
Answer:  This is not true .Homeopathy is not a quackery. Ideally it should not be practiced by those who have no scientific background. The founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, was a German physician. This is one amongst the most scientific rationale system that requires thorough study before prescribing.
Question:  Can homeopathy provide an alternative to vaccination?
Answer:  There is no evidence to show that homeopathic medicines can be used instead of vaccination. The System of Homeopathy recommends that immunization is carried out in the usual way, unless there are strong medical contraindications.
Question:  Homeopathic treatment does not require any test reports or investigations.
Answer:  Investigations are required for making a diagnosis and setting the prognosis of the treatment in a disease. However, the remedies are given on the basis of complete case taking and symptom similarity with the drug. By comparing the investigations at different intervals help evaluating the results and build the confidence about the effectiveness of the treatment.
Question:  It is necessary to avoid coffee and onion or there are too may dietary restriction to be followed.
Answer:  It is not advised to each and every patient to avoid such things. There are no such dietary restrictions to be followed in homeopathy. Coffee and onion are strong stimulants and may act as antidotes for some of the homeopathic drugs. The only thing you need to take care is that there should not be any taste in your mouth 20 minutes before and after taking homeopathic medicines.
Question:  All homeopathic medicines are the same.
Answer:  Although homeopathic medicines look alike, they are not the same. The basic ingredients of the medicines come from various sources of plants and animals, etc. For better results, the liquid extracts or the medicines are poured into small sugar globules which absorb the liquid. These sugar globules have a similar look but their constitution depends upon the liquid or the medicines poured on them.
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Note: Homeopathic medicines are generally very safe and effective without any side effects however it is suggested that you should not take medicines by only reading the books. For effective results it is suggested that you should consult a registered homeopathic practitioner.

If you still have any other question or doubt about homeopathy please feel free to write back @ contact@solvivahealth.com.